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ACIS Ascribe

Key features

  • Revolutionise your inventory management.
  • Reduce costs. Increase efficiency.
  • Automate ordering.
  • Never overstock. Never run out of stock.
  • Track product use per person, per job, in real time.
  • Optimise your stock holding.

How Ascribe Works

Using a handheld scanner, operatives scan their personal barcode and the barcode for each item as they remove it from your store room.

Ascribe manages your stock levels in real time, generating and consolidating orders when products fall below their minimum stock level.

Orders are created in XML, CSV, text, email or printable formats and can be sent automatically to your preferred suppliers.

Goods are received and managed as back orders or returns through Ascribe, with stock levels incrementing as items are scanned and replenished into your store room.

Ascribe’s suite of powerful reporting tools puts live data at your fingertips and keeps you in control of your stock holding and how it is being used.

Reports give insight into product costs and usage per job, operative, category and item, as well as stock and purchase order values, with per-branch and regional drill-downs for bodyshop groups. We can also provide bespoke reports which give custom analysis to meet your every need.

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