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Grove Group excels in promoting ACIS’s web-based stock management programme

The ability to turn a phrase and promote modern bodyshop technology has enabled one of the UK’s leading automotive distributors to secure new business.

The Grove Group, which is more than 100 years old and coined the phrases ‘Process to Profit and ‘Flag It, Find It and Fix It,’ has excelled in its promotion and utilisation of the ASCRIBE system – the web-based stock replenishment platform from ACIS, the UK’s leading distributor to the crash repair market.

“We have managed to win new customers business by simply speaking to them about the merits of ASCRIBE in a transparent, open and honest way,” said Tony Thorpe – Business Development Director at the Grove Group, one of ACIS’s eight shareholder member companies.

Now in its third generation of development, ASCRIBE offers a more user-friendly smartphone scanner that automatically updates the stock and management reports in real time using Wi-Fi and 4G connections. This enhances what is already a record-breaking product, saving customers an average of 21 per cent against product costs.

Enhancing profitability

“Whilst this product cost saving is significant on its own, this is just the starting point of what ASCRIBE can do to help enhance the customers profitability.

“The data and information that ASCRIBE provides is essential in aiding us to help customers enhance their profitability.”

The technology not only automatically replenishes stock, but also aids the measurement of productive efficiency based on hours worked and their use of materials. This in turn enables the ability to monitor performance against targets and provide solutions against shortfalls.

Open and honest

Tony added: “All we do is simply ask the rhetorical question of the bodyshop – ‘Why do you want to go on manually checking stock in and creating work for yourselves?’

“Bodyshops also like it because it moderates behaviour. If operatives know that stock is monitored and measured, they are more careful in their use and application. Being open and honest, we can quantify that to the customer.

“They may say to us: why would you want to reduce the levels of stock we buy from you? We simply answer by saying that we want to continue doing business with them on a long term basis. We don’t want to do business for the next six months, but for the next 20 years or more – it’s a long-term aim rather than a short-term gain.

“ASCRIBE is part of the ACIS portal, a genuinely fantastic piece of modern technology which enables bodyshops to place all their training records, equipment calibration requirements and up-to-date accreditations in one place. I would say that its capabilities helps us through the door in winning business because it talks directly to bodyshops about profitability and efficiency – it’s a real flagship offer to businesses like ours.”

The ACIS Solution

The suite of customer support solutions available from ACIS is unique.

We can provide a range of products and services from health and safety, risk assessments, mentoring programmes, and forward-thinking business planning.

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