IT Solutions


ACIS has invested heavily in the provision of innovative IT solutions for our customers. The systems that we provide are all aimed at increasing our customers' profitability and many are unique to ACIS. As well as providing a suite of programmes for our customers we have also developed bespoke solutions that are specified and branded as our customers require.

PAS 125


Health & Safety





Health & Safety


Risk Assessment


This module is part of the ACISSERVICES web suite and is the perfect partner to your PAS125 sytems and processes. 


The checklist allows you to quickly identify problems that can then be recorded as an individual risk. The key to risk assessment is to record everything that you do to rectify a problem.


  • Customisable Checklist
  • Save all checklist checks
  • Full listing of a risk
  • Save all details of correction
  • Summary reports
  • Detailed reports
  • Group level reports
  • Fast, secure, and easy to use


Health & Safety Diary


This is the 'full blown' system for Bodyshops that want to take their H&S checks to the next level above Risk Assessment.


Ideal for groups of many Bodyshops with both local and group reporting available 24/7


  • Group level login
  • Bodyshop level login
  • Full list of checks
  • Customisable options
  • Email prompts when late
  • Safe, secure, easy to use
  • Group summary reports
  • Bodyshop summary reports
  • Bodyshop detailed reports
  • Tasks and action monitoring


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